IT Staffing Solutions


There is always a debate on whether to employ in-house staff or from staffing solutions vendor. Comparison of the quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness of the tasks accomplished by outsourcing, or in-house staff, may determine which option is best for your business.

However, in today's extremely competitive world and fluctuating workloads, companies are increasingly looking to the global talent pool to keep expenses down, while ensuring superior quality of products and services. In particular, software companies that seek rapid growth, prioritize on product strategy and building a client base, rather than committing to large and long-term workforce.

Why Allied IT Staffing?

Allied IT provides wide-range of IT staffing and staff augmentation solutions from professionals specialized in different information and communication technologies to meet your needs. We optimize costs without compromising on the level of expertise required in each IT professional, for your job to be done. IT Staffing from Allied IT helps you reduce costs and risks substantially, while speeding up your staffing process and ensuring high quality of output.

  • Flexible Work Approach: Enjoy working with a team of IT experts that is easy to hire and work with, without any administrative overheads.

  • Team Extensibility: Handpick a team of competent professionals, who are qualified and experienced to perform any task in hand, whenever you want to ramp-up your projects.

  • Doman Expertise: Depending upon the project requirement, hire the workforce that requires specialized domain expertise without any long-term commitment.

  • Cost savings: Save costs by eliminating the recruitment, human resources, relocation and infrastructural expenses.

  • Increased Productivity: Optimize your business results and get the work done quickly by staffing qualified professionals who are dedicated to your work.

  • Workforce Transparency: Manage your team easily and effectively by receiving regular time sheets.

Choose from Allied IT Staffing Expertise

Allied IT offers you various options your IT Staffing/Staff Augmentation solutions:

  • Full time Equivalent (FTE): Get a qualified IT professional who will work for you eight hours a day, five days a week.

  • Short Term Assignments: Hire result-oriented personnel for short term assignments that require special IT skills.

  • Long Term Assignments: Choose IT professionals who will work on your project for a long-term and ensure its successful completion.

  • Contract with Option to Hire: Hire IT resources with great communication skills on contractual basis, and reward them with employment if found suitable for your business.

  • Part Time: Appoint IT executives for projects that require part time dedication.

  • Specialty Staffing: Add specialized staff for confidential and specialty projects.