Our team focuses on your Return-On-Investment (ROI) as the measure of our success, as your success is the only key to Allied IT's success.

Allied IT specializes in providing the consulting for developing the software that enhances the way your company does business. Our consulting services offerings include:

    • - Technology Consulting
    • - Business Consulting

Allied IT's consulting is all encompassing the business solution, technology solution and business growth management.

Technology Consulting

Technology in itself is not the end, technology is useful only if it helps businesses in improving or growing or sustaining. Coming from the core of the technology background, Allied IT's team members are not just a bunch of techie guys, we are the group of talented individuals who understand the technology, its capabilities and can advice our clients on how, which and where technology should be used to get the maximum business value.

Our Technology consulting services can be tailored to suit diverse industries.

  • Oracle

  • Microsoft

  • ERP

  • Cloud Computing

  • Mobile

  • Java

  • Big Data Analytics

Business Consutling

Our business consulting is directed towards IT initiatives that companies wish to take up in the quest to sustain and grow the business.

Extending your business's ecommerce aspect is a daunting proposition, even for the most seasoned professional. How do you establish a viable Internet presence? What will it cost? How can you market your website effectively? How can you maximize your e-Business potential?

We can help you with all this and more. Whether you're looking for a business-to-business or business-to-consumer solution, our team members will help you in evaluating your needs and develop a firm foundation to build your e-Business.

With specialist knowledge and experience across many different market sectors, our consultants can confidently deliver the right solution for you - now and for the future. Our e-Business Consulting services focus on:

Web strategy Services
  • Interprets the organization current web capabilities and needs to meet the overall business strategy

  • Applies knowledge of computer system architectures and emerging technologies to define the appropriate Web architecture to meet strategic objectives

  • Creates a vision for migrating existing systems

  • Usability Engineering

  • Rich Internet Applications(RIA) using AJAX and Web 2.0

Some of the major activities and deliverables of Allied IT e-Business Services consulting can be listed as follow

  • Strategy and road map formulation

  • Assessment and evaluation

  • Solution architecting

  • Solution building or integration

  • Analytics design and implementation

  • Upgrade / migration services

  • Operations, maintenance and support services

In order to generate real, measurable results for you, Allied IT uses a unique approach that links these fundamental development competencies together. Our consultants weave our strengths in e-Business Strategy Development, Execution, Technology Integration and Team Project Management to bring unparalleled value-added benefits to your business.

Unlike other Web development companies, we focus on business solutions and our expertise in e-Business strategy development leads to an implementation plan designed to enhance your existing resources and maximize your returns. Our team of e-Business strategists have solid business acumen, the technology and creative know-how to bring success for your organization. In addition, Allied IT's iterative methodology connects each competency, leading to a solid and complete solution for each and every client we serve.

Allied IT e-Business Strategy consulting is a catalyst for creating solutions that delivers results that are linked with your business's bottom-line.