Cloud Computing


Allied IT is a unique IT company, specializing in the integration of on-premise IT environments with cloud based systems data and processes.

Building on the principles of business value, automation, scalability and agility. We take organizations from virtualization to cloud based environments - with solutions that can be viewed and managed as an extension of your internal computing platform.

Allied IT offers a range of Cloud Computing solutions for your business that deliver real tangible benefits. Especially suited to small and medium business the range of Cloud Computing solutions cover connectivity to the Internet, Collaboration, Backup and Recovery and the list continues to grow as Allied IT works closely with you to resolve your business problems.

  • Managed Connectivity : The foundation of Cloud Computing is premised on good and robust connectivity to the Internet, be it wired, wireless or satellite.

  • Collaboration in the Cloud : Takes the "place" out of workplace and enables your business to get work done from almost anywhere. Microsoft Office 365 provides mail and collaboration services using Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync.

Allied IT can help you understand Cloud Computing solutions and apply them effectively to deliver real-world solutions to your business. Our consulting services include:

  • Requirements analysis of your IT initiatives to determine where Cloud Computing can be appropriately leveraged.

  • Identification and Assessment of Cloud Computing service offerings to determine the solution that best aligns with your business requirements.

  • Design, Implementation, and Integration of technical solutions that utilize Cloud Computing technology effectively and future-proof your infrastructure and systems

  • Management and Monitoring of solutions based on Cloud Computing technology.

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